First time mommy

I have been generally impressed with my pediatrician's office so far. I love that they have separate waiting rooms for sick kids and well kids. I love that the nurse talks in baby talk even if Cohen is sound asleep. I love that they can get me in the same day I call. HOWEVER, I wish that they realized that you really have to spell things out for first times moms! You cant just tell them, "Your baby has an ear infection so here's a prescription." That's basically what the doctor told me on Monday. I finally called today, feeling like a worry-wart first-time mom, to ask why Cohen isn't sleeping. The nurse told me, "It's probably really uncomfortable for him to lye flat because of all the pressure in his ear. It's better to have him sleep in the bouncy chair or the swing for awhile. And maybe give him some Tylenol to ease the discomfort." It's brilliant advice, truly! I only wish I had had it sooner! He's been asleep, in an inclined position, since early this afternoon... waking only to eat, get a dry diaper, and take medicine. The poor guy is exhausted from being awake most of the last 24 hours because his horrible mother kept trying to get him to sleep in his crib! Live and learn. Brad says we'll be better parents with the next baby since we’ll be more experienced. I'm just sorry Cohen has to be our guinea pig child!


Stephanie said...

don't worry, i think all first time parents feel a little guilty about being clueless. it is definitely easier the second time around. i hope cohen is feeling better.

Stephanie said...

oh, and who is your pediatrician? i am in the market for a good one.

Jill said...

His name is Dr. Deardorff and he's in a group at Palo Verde Pediatrics on Val Vista and Elliot. The office was recommended to me by a nurse/mommy friend.