Cohen's first Easter

I made a concious decision not to "waste" money on Easter things for my 2 month old but then regretted it when I tried to take a "My First Easter" picture this afternoon. I didn't have so much as a colored egg to use as a prop! Luckily, kids have grandparents. Brad's mom gave each of us an Easter basket full of goodies. I guess she cant stop parenting until we get our act together! :) She's so good. Everything she does is over-the-top wonderful. I appreciate her. I'm especially grateful that she raised my husband to be the helpful, thoughtful, good-natured gentleman that he is. It's been so fun having him around more now that he isn't working at Granite Ridge. He's working out of his home office doing his real estate and Pharmanex/ Nu Skin businesses. My heart just breaks for moms that have to go back to work. Cohen gets both of us home most of the time. He loves Brad's voice... and loves to hear him whistle. Instant smiles! I'm so grateful. We're having so much fun!

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