My baby brother

My little brother is graduating from ASU this weekned. Sadly, we'll be out of town so I'll miss it. Therefore, I am making this very public declaration of my congratulations and admiration on this accomplishment. This kid truly pulled himself up by the boot-straps to make this dream a reality. And it's not like he's stopping here. This graduation is, in his own words, "an intermission" in his academic career. He starts dental school in Las Vegas in the fall. I'm oh-so-proud!

Congratulations Steven!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Steven. Remember when we use to sit around the bus barn table playing cards? Now look at you. Good job!! Jaime

Mr. ASU graduate said...

aw shucks. thanks! I literally could not have done it without martha elizabeth (aka liz, aka lizard, aka marty beth, aka lizzy, aka steve's scholarship, aka cutesy poo pumpkin cheeks)