Stay-at-home Dem

I read an editorial in Time Magazine that might help all of my die-hard Republican friends and family understand my politcal views a little better. A Michigan woman is writing about the concern that the Democratic Party is losing the housewife vote. She wrote, "As a Democrat and a churchgoing wife and full-time mother, I can relate to these frustrations. To me, Democrats stand for equality, compassion for the poor, concern for the environment and a host of other traditional moral values. But Republicans have made opposition to abortion and gay marriage the moral high ground, even as they start wars, torture prisoners, give to the rich, take from the poor and promote the death penalty. Until the Democrats embrace the traditional moral values inherent in their philosophy and shout them from the rooftops, the Rupublicans will continue to claim a monopoly on morality." Hear, hear.


steven said...

this commentary does good to demonstrate that neither US political party is alligned with the gospel and are both therefore flawed. (but the GOP is a lot closer) ha ha

Mike said...

The problem is trying to legislate morality at all. I can see making laws for a few things like abortion and marriage, but where the dems get it wrong is when they move towards socialism in the name of equality.

For example: raising the minimum wage sounds very heartwarming, until you understand that every time the minimum wage goes up, thousands of people lose their job.

And where is the GOP taking from the poor?

Jill said...

flat rate taxes. 7% of my income is a whole lot more puddin' than 7% of Oprah's.

mike said...

I'm actually for fairtax (www.fairtax.org/). It tries to do what a flat tax does--not punish people for being productive.

The top 5% of wage earners pay 53% of the total taxes, while the bottom 50% pay 4% of the taxes. Doesn't sound all that fair and equitable.

The Stoddards are great.

Jill said...

this is MY blog with MY opinions, Mike! dont be educated! just let me spout off!

Catherine said...

Isn't that the great thing about having your own blog site. You can say whatever you want!!! Thanks for being so loud and proud. From you more silent democrat partner, Cathy

bradical said...

the michigan lady named five things that republicans do. three of them i like. i think that torturing is good as long as the torture is done by a licensed torturer, having at least 50 hours of actual torture time with a supervisor present would be a great start. giving to the rich. this is nice because there is no discrimination to joining the rich club. anyone who has the desire can join. and the death penalty is great too. i say if you have two mean crimes in your history it's off to the guillotine with ya!

jayna said...

I'm going to email Gordon Smith (cousin @ Senator from Oregon) & hear what his views on this are.

Brad - you are so funny! At our next family get-together we need to play 'Whose line is it anyway?' with all of our witty people. I won't mention any names so that those of us who are not as quick & funny won't feel left out.

Jill said...

the problem with it all is that the wealthy like to say that if the government stopped taking their money, they would willingly give to those in need. i'm telling you that most of the wealthy are so disconnected from the poor that they wouldn't even know where to give. government agencies are designed to fill in the gaps and just need money to do so. why are the wealthy opposed to sharing? and why are the very richest even complaining about taxes when the can just create trusts and corporations that their accountants can use to avoid taxes almost completely? the poor certainly dont have accountants getting them out anything.

and brad is funny.

Jill said...
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Amanda said...

speaking of morality and government. any thoughts about the amendment to the constitution defining marriage as between a man and woman? the church asked us to write our senators. But I'm not so sure this should be a federal issue...and is probably a tactic Bush is using to win back favorability with his Evangelical Right. Hmmm...

Wolfingtons said...

Democrats don't have any more compassion for the poor than Republicans do. Democrats, the party leaders at least, just exploit the poor more by saying how much they care. Then they create dead end programs that start a cycle of dependence that lasts for generations. Democrats also stand for the absence of consequences which explains their general opposition to the death of humanities worst and in favor of abortion. Republicans on the other hand promote the excelence that all of us have inside and encourage the underprivileged to take advantage of the greatest country on Earth and raise themselves up. There is your moral high ground. What now?

To answer Amanda's question. Look to the Proclamation on the Family. What has our church leaders said about marriage? I think we need to pray about our political decisions and let the Spirit guide us.

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