Dream Coat

The Stoddard clan watched the Bible come alive at Gammage today. I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I'd even heard about this show was Brad's little brother saying it was "scandalous". If bare midriffs are scandalous then he's right, this was trashy! It was a great show. My favorite musicals are the sing-song, funny, stage-full-o-dancer types. 42nd Street, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Rent... those tend to hold my attention better than the Les Miserables and Phantoms. I expected this to be the slow and dramatic but it turned out to be quite comical and clever. Pharaoh was Elvis, Joseph had his own cheer squad, etc. Very amusing indeed.

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Courtney said...

I saw it earlier this week and Jill...I gotta say, not knowing what to expect was the best way to see it! I thought it couldn't get any cornier until the pharoah came out! Loved it.