Party People

Brad and I went to the perfect wedding reception tonight. I say perfect because we were friends with the happy couple (Jerry and Zac) in our single's ward, so lots of the guests were friends from back then. Most are married, some have babies, some are still single... But the bride also happens to be the younger sister of one of Brad's best friends and so most of Brad's best guy friends were there too. (Missed you Schroeder!) So I got to mingle with my girls while Brad caught up with his fellas. It was good times. We're really blessed with great friends. And of course Cohen was angelic. He just chilled and looked cute right up until the moment he fell asleep in Brad's arms. Not even "Play that funky music, white boy" could bother him!

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Christopher said...

Not only am I glad that you mentioned missing me, I am glad that you are aware of my being a Stoddard Stuff regular. Thanks.