My pediatrician, neighbors, friends, mommy-know-how books, and my own sanity tell me that a 4 month old is capable of sleeping through the night. My own 4 month old is not so sure. I have dedicated this week to helping him find his eating and sleeping routine during the day so maybe we can have better nights. He got thrown off a month ago during our Hawaii trip and hasn't fully recovered. He thinks bedtime is 11 pm. So last night, after 90 minutes of "discussion", he went to sleep at 9:30, only woke up once in the night, and got up for the day at 7:30. BEAUTIFUL!!!


Jamie said...

Love the picture. Isn't it true? Trey all of a sudden is having a difficult time as well. He did so great a few weeks ago (sleeping 6 hours at night, only waking up once) and now he's back to waking up every four hours (=twice in the middle of the night...ahhh). How'd you do it? I think I'm putting him to bed too early.I'm trying to keep him up until 9:30 or so, I think he'll do better. We'll see. Good luck sista!

Wolfingtons said...

Great Job! Invest in ear plugs. It'll help if you really want him to sleep through the night. You'll still hear him if he really needs you, but when he just needs to self sooth, it won't wake you.

Stephanie said...

good luck. getting kids to sleep through the night is the worst! but, eventualy they all do, so don't worry about it too much!