Chuck E Cheese

I remember my childhood visits to Chuck E Cheese as being almost as good as Disneyland. The singing show with all the lights and the dancing, fun games and rides that were just the right size, a bite of pizza between each game...

but my adult experiences with Chuck E Cheese have been far different. Lots of the games are broken, the pizza is no bueno, and those robotic characters that are supposed to sing and dance are now practically held together with masking tape! The only thing that still moves is their creepy big eyeballs!

Cohen didn't care about any of that. His tongue wagged and his eyes bulged at all the lights and sounds.

I think most things are better from a child's perspective.


Wolfingtons said...

Little known fact: Checky Cheese was started by a famous video game designer, Nolan Bushnell, who had tremendous impact on the VG industry as the head of Atari in the 70's. He started Checky Cheese as a hobby or dream and it was really good. But he sold it to a corperate conglomerate for a boat load of cash ten years ago. They turned the pizza to cardboard and let the singing robots go to pot. So it really was better when we were kids. Remember the one we went to on University, or Main in Tempe? It was huge, at least it seemed that way. Just thought you'd like to know.
Claven out-

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »