Happy 4th!!!

Do people know that I love parades? I love big parades, small parades, parades with floats, parades with lights... but my favorite are the rag-tag little community parades that get thrown together for the 4th of July. Last year we were in Thatcher and the 5 am parade consisted of 3 firetrucks (with sirens blarring) and about 7 kids on bikes. Loved it. Luckily we were out of milk this morning so I went to the store early and saw a flier for a parade in one of the new housing developments near our house. I woke up my husband, baby, and 14 year old nephew and we made it in time to watch the parade... TWICE! It was basically kids on bikes, moms pushing strollers, people riding in the backs of trucks... but all of them threw candy and waved flags. I loved it! Plus, Brad is a good sport at parades. He claps continually from start to finish, cheering on the parade participants, making the kids remember that they actaully wanted to be in the parade at one point!


Stephanie said...

sounds like fun. it makes me wish we had seen a parade today.

Anonymous said...

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