The Dog Whisperer

I'm not a fan of dogs... and that's putting it mildly. My family will tell you that dogs have been making me cry since birth. Apparently, I would cry in my crib if a dark barked down the street. In my adulthood, they dont make me cry anymore but I really just dont see the point of them. I dont love the barking, the licking, the smell, the poop, the crotch sniffing... none of it. This is very upseting to my husband, the lover of small yappy dogs.

So we've discovered the magic of Cesar Millan, AKA The Dog Whisperer. The dude is incredible! I'm hooked on his show. He's been teaching me that dogs are not the boss of me; I have to be the "pack leader". I cant let dogs know I'm afraid or uncomfortable. Since we dont have a dog for me to practice with, I've been trying out my pack leader skills on all the dogs in the neighborhood. I get so sick of them barking at me and trying to act all tuff when I'm out walking. So now I ask myself, "What would Cesar do? He would never let this dog intimidate him!" And I point at the dog and give a loud "Shhh". It's not really working... they keep barking, I get goosebumps on my legs and the hair stands up on my arms... but I DO NOT SHOW FEAR! Can I count that as a victory for me?


Stephanie said...

i hate dogs, too.

Jamie said...

Note to self: When the Stoddard's come over (if they ever come over), put our little crotch sniffing, leg licking, ankle biter,hyper, yet super cute Maltese in the back yard!!Although, when we put him in the back yard, he will then begin to bark at us to let him back in and scratch vigourously at the door. Maybe that's why you've never come over. Sorry.
Side note: I too am actually scared of dogs. If it's not mine, I don't like them.

Jennie said...

I like dogs, but don't see the point in the small ones that only pee with excitement when they greet you home! Trev won't ever let us have a dog in the house (whenever we get one someday). He used to work for Stanley Steamers for a little while and got tired of cleaning up carpets that were way too saturated with animal $#&*!

steven said...

DOG HATERS!! The dog whisperer is the greatest. Now you know that bad dogs are only the product of poor pack leadership (from the humans)!

If your going to get a dog, pick the breed wisely, be consistant with your training, excersise regularly and you will have a friend for life.