Sitting pretty

You can imagine with a title like that... Cohen is sitting! He still tips after 30 seconds or so but that's real progress, ya know? The funniest part is that he doesn't seem to even notice that he's sitting. I mean, he's not all excited and proud of himself like I expect him to be. He just sits there. And then he tips. :) He's been sleeping through the night for about two weeks and I am a new woman because of it! He goes down about 7, at which time Brad and I are free to do what grown people do... face off in a nightly game of Boggle! We're asleep by 10:30 and get a good 8 hours before our baby alarm goes off about 6:30 (7 if we're lucky). It's heavenly. I've worked out every day this week including 2 walks OUTSIDE!!! That's right, I went outside! My wise neighbor reminds me to enjoy the "peaks" of motherhood because there are always pending "valleys" around the bend. There may be illness, teething, nightmares, and more sleepless nights ahead but for now we're SITTING PRETTY!

FYI: Our new hardrive has been ordered and the data doctor called in to try to retrieve pictures and things from the old hard drive. (No I dont know how to spell harddrive, thanks for noticing.)

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Jamie said...

I miss seeing Cohen's cute little face. Can't wait til your computer is up and running. Jill, I should come over sometime next week to hang out. What does your week look like?