I'll be so glad to be done with the immunization phase of parenting. (Is there an end?) I had to cut Cohen's nap short to drive the 40 minutes to the pediatrician, then Coey "sprayed" all over the exam table while his diaper was off, then the doc had to adjust Cohen's circumcision (cuz we haven't been taking proper care of it apparently), and then he got stuck by 5 needles. He's only slept 30 minutes since I woke him at 1:45. Which translates to a very unhappy baby still fussing in his crib, as I type. Poor thing. Why do they fight sleep? Just give in and you'll be so much happier!

In other news: Now 7 months, Cohen is showing true signs of both his Stoddard and Wolfington genes. Thanks to Brad, Cohen is in the 80% for height but only the 30% for weight. Thanks to me, or to my dad, Cohen's head is bigger than 75% of babies his age. He may never walk if his frail little frame has to carry around a watermelon head!


Courtney said...

"It's like an orange on a toothpick!"

What's that from?

steven said...

"HEAD... PAPER...NOW!! Get up and get me the paper, IF YOU CAN,... hauling the gargantuan cranium about .....that was a little offsides wasn't it, he'll probably cry himself to sleep on his HUGE PILLA" (pilla = scottish for pillow)

... So I Married An Axe Murderer.

Leah said...

Poor little guy! I hate shots!

Stephanie said...

but he's so cute! even with his big head and skinny body. we can't wait for him to be our neighbor.

and by the way, you aren't ever done with immunizations. (oliver just got 4 last month.) sorry.

Wolfingtons said...

I love how they make the mom hold the baby down while they stick them in the leg and/or arm.