True blindness

You know church is going to be interesting when an aged man approaches the pulpit wearing dark sunglasses, holding the leash to a guide dog, and opens with, "Brothers and Sisters, I am not here to bear my testimony. I just have to get something off my chest..."

I am a firm supporter of home and visiting teaching. I believe they allow us to know and minister to each other on a personal level, the way Christ would. I recognize that those relationships allow us to feel loved and important in the ward family. I do not, however, think a ward-wide rebuke of inadequate visits is appropriate from the pulpit. I am so grateful that my testimony is based on Christ and not on people. It's so sad that people lose their religion over the actions, or inactions, of other people.

Leave it to teenagers to make light of the sitution: One 14 year old said, "I dont think Home Teachers are the only think that guy hasn't seen lately!" You cant help laugh at that logic!

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