So... the elections did not go at all as I would have predicted. I think those of us in AZ are going to regret some of the things we passed yesterday. We got hoodwinked by PETA and the minimum wage supporters.

Anyway- in other news: we sign loan docs today at 3 and will close on the new Mesa house tomorrow! I can almost taste my FREEDOM!!!


greg said...

Good for you and Brad. I'm realy happy for you that this has finialy closed.
I've been thinking and praying for you both and Gwen and I hope the best for you.



Abbie said...

Yeah, what happened with the propositions yesterday? I feel like I was taking a multiple choice test, and I got like all of my answers wrong. Apparently we are in the minority here.

Jake said...

You're totally right when you say that we got "duped." Unfortunately, I think that there are a lot of voters out there who vote based on commercials, without trying to figure out what it all means and what effect it will have on our state.

I'm with you on the minimum wage thing, but it sounds like its not going to matter what we voted for. Nancy Pelosi has a 100 hr plan which includes raising the minimum wage nationally to $7.25.

Codie said...

Congrats on the house! Are you moving on Saturday?