You know it's love

when you share your toothbrush.
Cohen LOVES my Sonicare. I've always let him put the bottom in his mouth while I'm brushing, just to feel the vibration. Now the bottom isn't enough. He loves the bristles on his gums. It's a pretty good habit for him to get into... but do they make baby Sonicare? I'd really rather not share.


leah+2 said...

My girls love our toothbrushes too!

ThePainterClan said...

That is so funny. They have vibration teething toys for baby's cause most baby's love the feeling on their gums. We have one for Alec and he loves it but Matt thinks it is vibrating his brain and thinks it's not a good toy. heehee. I say, if fisher price thought it was a hazard to one's brain, they wouldn't have made it!

Jamie said...

I love his orange nose. I assume he likes his orange foods?