E for Effort

This is an entirely TRUE story as relayed to me by a friend in California:

"So, my bother in law had to be out of town to do a rotation for 5 weeks in New York. He was returning Christmas Eve day at 2 am… then his flight was delayed until 9am. My sis was super excited to see him but exhausted by the time she went to go pick him up. She bought a trench coat and some saucy high heels and had NOTHING on underneath. His bag was lost due to the flight change so she had to go inside to get him. She strutted her stuff thinking she was lookin’ so hot walking down the terminal. They had to stand in a line to get the baggage with about 4 or 5 people behind them; all the while she was reaching up, wrapping her arms around his neck, lovin’ on him while they stood in line. All of a sudden, with trepidation, a woman meekly tapped my sis on her shoulder from behind. “Um .. miss…..” and pointed to her back side. My sis reached around and discovered that the trench coat had a giant slit up the back side… so that her ENTIRE buttocks was showing! … And not just one cheek ... not just a little bit but her WHOLE BUTT had been showing!!!! I was like, “dude, didn’t you feel cold?!?!?” To which she replied, “I was cold all over ... I was naked!!” My sis and her husband then had to stand in THAT SAME LINE for over an hour with those same people behind her the whole time. Luckily her husb had a jacket she could put over her. Who doesn’t look at their backside when they are leaving the house practically naked ?!?!? My sis laughed when she related this story to the entire family (both her husb’s and ours). We were all dying laughing!! She was more embarrassed to tell her husb since she was trying to be all sexy than the fact that Sky Harbor airport had a little Christmas show. I love this story! You gotta give her credit for being gutsy.


Stephanie said...

wow. i don't even know what to say.

Amanda said...

I don't believe it!

Anonymous said...

hubba, hubba, love those newly wedds. older married people would newer do anything like this.
come to think of it thank heaven.
could you imagine that view.
there was this old woman who was on a cruse ship and was standing at the frount looking out over the ocean. she had on a hat that she had just bought at the last port of call. people started to build behind her and findly some one taped her form behind her and said that her dress was blowing up from the wind and everyone had noticed she wasn't wearing any underware.
she just replied ya so what. i just bouth this hat everything else you see is 80 years old.

Jamie said...

Jamie: "Johnny, check out this story. How sad, right?"
Johnny: "Cool, you'd never do anything like that would you?"
Jamie: "Not a chance in you know where."
Johnny: "That's too bad, that would be awesome."