Shelves and such

I always wish I had some kind of list of "connections" people have, like so-and-so is a reliable plumber and so-and-so is a trusty pool guy. To that end, I am putting the word out that my brother Jeff is a designer for Classy Closets so if you or anyone you know is ready to drop a little coin on a seriously organized and beautiful closet or office, give him a ring. His cell number is 480-276-8647. It's not as pricey as you might think and they do have specials. Plus, they organize garages, kitchens, laundry rooms and such... Not just closets. Check it.


Stephanie said...

i wish i had known about this a few weeks ago when we did our closet. i dream about closets like the one in your picture.

Auburn said...

Dave and I will have to give him a call when we actually live in a house and we can afford to remodel it . . . BTW did you know I set up a blog? daellingson.blogspot.com