Thirty Things About Me

  1. I had shingles in the 6th grade.
  2. When I was little, my pretend name was always “Tara”. Eventually my mom told me that they actually almost named me “Tara” but went with Jillian instead.
  3. I LOVE the heat. I love sitting in the sun, laying out, getting sweaty, all of it.
  4. I have always wanted red-headed kids that can speak Spanish. Brad can provide both.
  5. My head is 2” bigger than Brad’s.
  6. In high school, I had to play on the boy’s baseball team to convince our School Board to let us start a girl’s softball team. Now they win state almost every year.
  7. I took up running after college and ran my first half-marathon in San Francisco.
  8. I only eat whole wheat bread and pasta.
  9. I love parades of all sizes.
  10. My favorite treat in the world… you guessed it… Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt.
  11. My favorite church callings have been teaching and missionary work.
  12. I’m pretty direct and to the point, which is very different from Brad’s family. I just cant keep my opinions to myself!
  13. I love the sound of coffee pouring.
  14. I don’t like animals but will let my husband and kids have the dog of their dreams. (I hope he stays outside, doesn’t bark or smell, and cleans up after himself.)
  15. I was chosen “Best Dressed” in high school which is so comical because I have no style. Nor can I decorate.
  16. I hate baths. I don’t understand lying in a warm pool of your own filth.
  17. I never get sick of playing Boggle.
  18. I discovered a love for soccer in my adulthood.
  19. I LOVE the sound of bagpipes.
  20. I live for Arizona’s monsoon season. I love that you can stand in the rain without feeling cold.
  21. I can do the splits.
  22. I would love to take piano and voice lessons.
  23. I named my imaginary childhood friend “Joe Neggerson”.
  24. I like to cook, try new recipes, and try to make regular recipes healthier.
  25. Brad doesn’t know how many boys I’ve kissed and we’d both like to keep it that way.
  26. I hate going to the bathroom so I put it off until the very last second. It’s just such a waste of time and I feel like I’m missing out on something every time I go.
  27. The first time I went to Brad’s parents’ house, the young pictures of him on the wall looked very familiar to me like maybe I had known him in preschool or elementary school.
  28. I think my brothers are hilarious and I covet the talents of my sisters-in-law.
  29. My family nickname is “JP”, either for Jilly Pie or Jilly Poo, depending on who you ask.
  30. I married my absolute best friend and we think our baby is perfect.

(Some fellow bloggers made lists of "100 Things About Me" but I dont have the gusto for all that.)


steven said...

I remember when you had shingles. We actually just learned about them. Did you have chicken-pox before your shingles?
Shingles are actually a reinfection or remanifestation of the same virus that caused chicken-pox after a latent period in your trigeminal ganglion.

Jill said...

I knew all that except for the trigeminal ganglion. But I think you made that up. :)

Courtney said...

Oh Jill, those were all so interesting....I think you should do the other 70. I am waiting.

steven said...

yeah, sorry I pretended that I was the only one who knew that.

Stephanie said...

let's get together for some whole wheat pasta and boggle. as soon as we are no longer sick, we will invite you over. we love boggle, too.

melmck said...

i love it. i think i might do one since everyone only knows me as robby's 2nd wife. we will hang out soon, i'm going to utah for 10 days on friday, but for sure when i get back. :)