Kiddie Quotes

D- "Hey Kaleb, do you want to play that game where I hold onto the tree branch and you run really fast and then I let go and the branch hits you in the face?!"
K- "Yeah!!!"

Me- "Kaleb, why is your diaper off?"
K- "I pee in fwont yard."
Me- "Why did you do that?"
K- "Bubba did it."
Me- "Damien, you didn't pee in the front yard did you?"
D- "Yeah, I couldn't go in the house cuz I was RUNNING REALLY FAST!"

We had a Family Home Evening lesson on what we would do if Jesus were coming to our house. They talked about taking baths, cleaning the house, making dinner, etc. Then we talked about how we would act if Jesus were in our home. They said they'd be nice and not run, etc. Since then, when the phone rings or anyone new comes anywhere near us, be it to our house or at the grocery store, Kaleb asks excitedly, "Is that Jesus?"


onehm said...

Oh, that is just the cutest! Sounds like cute boys are at your house!

Catherine said...

And we call them INNOCENT!!!

Jamie said...

I cant wait until Trey urinates outside. So great.

Auburn said...

You were meant to be a mom!!!

Courtney said...

I love those little stories....makes it all worth it!

Brooke said...

Those kids are are hilarious!