friends first

we had overnight guests last night, much to cohen's delight. indie jones might possibly be cohen's first crush. julie and i wont push it though. we'll just let it develop naturally, on it's own, and see what becomes of it.

thanks to mitch and kyle, our pool was swim-able this weekend. we had our first dip on saturday, just in time to watch the huge wall of dust engulf us from the east. the pool is going to be loads of work but i think we'll really enjoy it. cohen is a fish.

we had a few friends over for a bbq saturday evening. it was quite enjoyable. i've been putting off hosting because our house isn't "done"... but "done" is really a realtive term anyway. it is certainly "done" enough for people to walk through on their way to the back yard! thanks to those who came by.
i rather enjoyed myself.


Jaime said...

did you say a few guests. there were tons of people there. you've got a lot of friends.

melmck said...

cute pics! there were a lot of people there but i'm glad you enjoyed your bday and i hope the cotton candy! :)

Codie said...

It was fun, thanks for the invite and Happy Birthday!

Auburn & Dave said...

Oh girl - they are so cute, but you just wait until Cohen meets Lily, she might just woo him. She's pretty loveable . . . ha ha.