Keep it Holy

"Sunday being the Lord's day, is a day on which men should do the Lord's work, and do it exclusively. There should be no unnecessary work of a temporal nature, no recreation, no unnecessary travel, no joy riding, and the like. The Sabbath is a day for affirmative spiritual worship."
-Bruce R. McConkie

  • start working on a quilt for a baby, college student, or new bride
  • make a gift or treat for a neighbor
  • create a family flag or banner to display in your home
  • make homemade cards to give for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or to say "get well"
  • create an alphabet book using pictures of your family holding various objects or doing things that start with each letter
  • organize your recipes with a special section for Sunday meals that dont take too much prep. time.


Jamie said...

Or update your blog- :)

Mimi said...

I love the idea about the alphabet book. Very cute!