Ode to Karolyn

Wife of my brother
Mom of my kiddies
Sewer of all things crafty
Baker of all things yummy
Organizer of all things organized
Saver of my sanity
Karolyn has been my "sister" since I was 14. She dated my bro in high school, waited while he was on his mission, and has kept us all in line ever since. She makes cakes from scratch, bakes homemade bread every few days, sews her kids Halloween costumes, and crochets blessing outfits. AND... she sat on my kitchen floor and cried with me when Cohen was a newborn. (I dont think I have to explain to any of you moms why I was crying.)

Happy Birthday Karolyn!

(1st Mommy on the left)

And for a good time, zoom in on this picture and look at my husband's face. Oh man, it's funny! (Sorry dear!)


Leah said...

That is a really sweet picture and a great tribute to a wonderful person! Happy B-day Karolyn!

ThePainterClan said...

That's good stuff Jill!