Happy Sunday!

Cohen and I have been up since 6am. We've been for a walk, cried, had some Tylenol, played on the slide, had breakfast, cried, changed two poopy diapers, had some Motrin, cut up a canteloupe, cried, talked on the phone... It's hard being sick.

Pictures from Brad's trip:
Lay-over in London. The boys walked 2 miles to a gas station and then right back to the airport. They were afraid they'd miss their flight if they did much exploring.

The building on the right housed the condo where the Brad stayed in Strand (which is Africaanse for "beach") just outside Cape Town.

About half the trip was overcast/ rainy. They are starting winter as we are starting summer.

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Mimi said...

Sorry you have a sick little guy. Hope he's feeling better!