Idea help?!?!

My brother in law Sean is getting married next week and we are trying to think of cute favors for the dinner. Any ideas? Any fancy personalized things you can suggest?

We're also doing a bridal shower this Saturday (everything is rushed since he's been deployed) with a princess/ fairytale theme. Any decorating, food, centerpiece ideas? Anyone?


Jaime said...

Is this the bro that you just went to Hawaii with?
My brother's dinner had a cute bag and ribbon full of taffy that matched the wedding colors. I think the peeps liked it.

Jen & Curt said...

Hey jill! Don't have any fairytale ideas in mind. I think the personalized m&m's would be a unique fancy treat though! I love M&M's! :) You could get them ordered in the couple's wedding colors at least!!!