Single parent

Good grief... I dont know why I ever leave home. With Brad gone, I decided to road trip to see friends in Tucson and then head to my mom's for Mother's Day. It went like this:

  • Saturday 2pm- leave Mesa for Tucson

  • Saturday afternoon- fun times at a water park and yummy dinner

  • 7pm- Cohen to bed

  • 10:45pm- me to bed

  • midnight- Cohen wakes up crying

  • Sunday 3am- Cohen still crying so in desperation I decide to drive to Thatcher, hoping he'll fall asleep in the car

  • 4:30am- I have to pull over and sleep on the side of the road cuz I'm too tired to drive

  • 6am- We finally get to my mom's house but they are all still asleep and the doors are all locked.

  • 6:30am- My mom hears Cohen crying outside her house (because the tire swing knocked him over) so she lets us in. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Fast forward to Sunday night:

  • 7:30pm- My Mother's Day flowers (from my husband on the other side of the planet) are delivered to my friends' house in Tucson... 32 hours late.
  • Cohen wakes up about every 45 minutes all night long.

Thankfully, my mom is a doting Grandma and pretty much took care of Cohen most of our daylight hours. She actually even sent me to sleep at my aunt's house the third night and she kept Cohen. Of course, he only woke up twice for her!

I dont know what it is (or how I did this to him) but my child hates all beds except his own! We're supposed to go to Vegas tomorrow and stay the week... Is it worth it? Will either of us enjoy ourselves at all? I tell you what, it's a good thing he's cute!

I miss Brad. And not just cuz he'd get up with our crazy baby...


Leah said...

Oh Jill! That stinks! I am so sorry you are a single mom...I can't believe he woke up so much! If we weren't sick I would say come over and play!

Jamie said...

Try a port-a-crib in Vegas. Layer it with extra blankets (germs) and give him benadryl. I know it's drugs but it sometimes works. Good luck. Did you get my text? Come with me to the Mall!!

Laura said...

I didn't know you had family in Thatcher. What a fun little town. If we're ever down there at the same time we'll have to hit up the EA pool and then do something really fun like bumper sticker some tractors or jump on some hay bails.

melmck said...

i agree whole-heartedly with jamie. benadryl is a life saver if it's been a few nights without a full nights sleep. gracie does really well with it and i find when she is waking up more often, it's because of allergies or teething. maybe he's getting his 15 month molars. good luck! we are pullin for ya!

Wolfingtons said...

I hope things go better in Vegas. It sure is a good thing that are kids are so cute. Especially when the wake us up so early and often.

Jennie said...

Poor Jill! That is definitely no fun! I hope your trip to Vegas goes much better!