Swimming Lessons

My cousin Dallin is living with us for a few months and he's going to teach swim lessons in our back yard pool. He has 3 years experience as a swim instructor, he's life guard certified as well as CPR and First Aid certified. He's actually teaching at the expensive nearby swim school in the mornings but you'll pay 3 times more for lessons there. Here's the lesson low down:

  • 2 half-hour lessons per week for 3 weeks

  • You choose either Tues & Thurs OR Wed & Fri classes

  • Classes to begin after 3 pm

  • 1 on 1 private classes- $90 for 6 lessons

  • 2 student classes- $55 per student for 6 lessons

  • 3-4 student classes- $35 per student for 6 lessons

He prefers teaching kids at least 2 years of age. He actually specializes in helping older kids perfect their swim strokes. These are great prices for swim semi-private swim lessons. You can contact him at (480) 677-3977 or (928) 792-6689.


steven said...

that's cool. I need to have him tell me what the heck I'm doing wrong.

Cathy said...

Is this cousin single and attractive?