More Flagstaff Fun

After the Grand Canyon hike, we met up with the rest of the family at the Arizona Mountain Inn off Lake Mary Road in Flagstaff. There were about 80-85 of Kenyon and Leona Udall's direct decendants together for 3 fun filled days. (As a side note, the Inn was a great reunion spot, if any of you are looking. There are 16 or so cabins of various sizes (from 2-16 people) within walking distance of each other. It's very woodsy-feeling yet you are just a 5 minute drive from grocery stores and restaraunts.) There was fishing, mountain biking, riding the ski lift at Snow Bowl,

and the delightful discovery of the Deer Farm just outside Flagstaff. We LOVED feeding the deer and petting the pigmy goats!

I'd own a pigmy goat. They were adorable and just bitesize!

That's a reindeer behind us!

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