Our Baby Einstein

I know all parents think their kids are genuises but Cohen seriously amazes me. He's picking up so many new signs all the time. Now he's doing water, grapes and milk in addition to please, more, and all done. He actually says "more" now which is sad since he still wont say "mom" or any form of it. In fact, if you ask him
"Where's Mommy?",
he points to himself every time.


Wolfingtons said...

What a smartie pants. Love signing with kids. It really helps them and you so you can communicate with each other. Way to go!

Jamie said...

Why do they do that. We nurse them, we take care of them until they die and they won't say mommy. Trey use to say Nana when he was like 9 months but he stopped that and will only say dada. He'll even point to me and say dada or pictures of me and say dada. It's so not fair. Deep down inside, I know he loves me. :) Cute hair by the way.