A Lizard's Birfday

Here is a public birthday wish for my sister-in-law Liz. She's perfect. I'm tempted to hate her for it but instead I just try to keep up with her! She's beautiful and funny, she runs, she cooks, she decorates, she makes fantastic personalized gifts, she's the best meseuse and yoga instructor, she's a great mom and an even better wife.
Hopefully someday we'll be neighbors so we can eat things from each other's gardens, bathe our kids together, do yoga each morning after our run and she can help my plants stay alive.
Love you Lizzy!


vegas wolfingtons said...

my sweet Martha E. Oh how I love thee.
I always knew that out there in the blue,
there was another who could deal with my blunders.
she is mine and I am hers... for this is where the true happiness stirs.

-s.w. cheezie mcgee

Auburn & Dave said...

so funny, she sounds like a couple of my sister-in-laws. aren't we lucky to have such great examples.