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We spent the weekend in Pinedale, AZ with Brad's mom's family. She, like my mom, is the oldest of 8 kids... who each have at least 4 kids... as well as a handful of grandkids. Needless to say, it's a big group. Every two years, we camp for several days together. I was pregnant last time so I was excited for this to be a better trip than that was. After a miserable first night in the tent with Cohen, we had a very enjoyable day on Saturday. It rained off and on, which made for lovely weather.

This year, there was a pirate theme so we all dressed up. Everything is better in costumes!

Brad and Coey won a prize for cutest twin pirates!

He's actually not crying in this picture... he's just showing off his candy colored tongue!

I do have to let you in on the sitcom that is our lives. So after a bad first night, we expected the worst with Cohen on the second night. About 1 am, it started raining pretty hard and our tent was blowing all over the place. We decided there was no way he was going to sleep through the storm so we packed up our car, intending to just head home. Once the car was loaded, we realized the rain had stopped and Cohen was still asleep. Desperate for sleep of our own, we decided to just quickly unload one pad and sleeping bag to share. Not as romantic as it sounds, let me tell you. I was suffering from the chili we'd had for dinner (sorry if that's TMI) and Brad's arms fell asleep! But Cohen slept through the night and that's all that matters!


Anonymous said...

I think the Pirate Family should be your Christmas family picture! You are the best looking, cleanest pirates I've every seen! Sorry Brad, I know you were trying to look mean!
Nona & I were just saying how glad we are for Blogsites, so we can see our ADORABLE grandchildren! Mom

Kristal said...

JILL! hey, it's Kristal (hatch) I just saw Stoddard on someone else's blog and remembered seeing your announcement ( a million years ago) on the Bushman girl's wall. Cohen is SO CUTE! Congrats on everything!!!

Mary Postert said...

I love the idea of having a theme at a family reunion. I'll have to run that one by my family.

Amanda said...

sounds like a fun adventuarrrr!

Alona said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe how old Cohen is. He's getting so big!

Pace & Gwen said...

Cute, guys! Pinedale's awesome, right by my mom's place in Linden. We were just up there. FUN!