A day with my 18 month old

We've got ourselves a dang funny kid. I super enjoy him. I woke him up at 7 this morning, afraid he might have a concussion cuz he was sleeping so late, and as I walked in his room he started saying "boing boing" over and over while jumping around his crib.
He LoVeS to wrestle. His best move is to get you on the ground and then sit on your head and bounce. It's no good but I laugh the whole time!
And he's smart. I mean REAL smart. Whenever I put something in the dishwasher, he gets the box of Cascade out from under the sink and brings it over. He knows exactly where it goes.
AND... have I mentioned he's adorable?
He loves him some corn!
This ear happens to be raw but he doesn't know that.

(In response to, "How old are you?")

Sweet Lovin'!
(He's not pittin' out. I'm not sure why his shirt is wet exactly.)

Oh! A swift kick to the throat and Mom goes down!


Kristal Mulder said...

I love it! 10m-18m was our favorite age for all 3 of ours! Bossy is right in the middle right now and I LOVE HIS GUTS! He is learning a few defensive moves, mostly slapping and bonking, but when he cracks up after making the kids cry, it's just soo sweet!

Your little guy is adorable! You're lucky you got one with big beautiful blue eyes. I told Jase I'm goin to keep having them until one gets my blue eyes!

The Rogers said...

such a fun age! i can't believe he eats raw corn on the cob...that's pretty funny.

Leah said...

YAy for 18 months! The pictures look awesome! Can't wait to edit them! What a cutie pie!

Courtney said...

You are right, Cohen is stinkin cute...and that raw corn on the cob is a riot.

melmck said...

i get many a kick in the throat and chest, i'm surprised your still smiling in that picture! he is cute though. hope to see you soon!

Jamie said...

So cute. I love play time. I hope I get in the same playtime with all my kids. We need to get all our silly kids together and let them kick eachother! :)

Pace & Gwen said...

Holy cow, sleeping late is at 7 AM??? You poor, poor mom!! My wake up time is around 7:30 or 8. I feel lucky. I'm not a morning person... He is adorable, Jill. SMART too!!

Brooke said...

He is so stinkin' fun! I actually dread this age, but you seem to have it under control! What a cutie!