From "Grapes" to "Dannon"

Remember my cousin Dallin that lived with us for a few months and Cohen signed "grapes" as his name? Well now Cohen actually says his name, minus the l's, calling him "Dannon".
That's all I heard all day.
And always as a question, as if to say,
"Where is he?"
"Can we get him here?"
"Remember when he was here and how fun that was?"
We called "Dannon" twice and finally convinced him to come for a visit.
He came bearing a gift; Season 3 of The Office.
We all heart Dannon!


Jourdan Johanna said...

Just thought you might want to know I tried your "pudding mix-4 sticks of butter-cookies" last night. They were, as mentioned, PERFECT.

A fun twist- I used chocolate pudding mix and added a 1/2 tsp salt. VERY good choc-choclate chip cookies.

Now... what am I going to do with the rest now that I've eaten 10~!??

Stacie said...

it's always fun to have visitors! and sorry about the sandwich talk! hopefully it was satisfying...i love being pregnant with people i know so that when i'm totally crazy and no sane person understands, i have my fellow pregnant sistas' who have my back. happy sandwich eating...happy eating for that matter :).

Anonymous said...

OOH, of course he would miss Dallin! How cute that he could finally ask for him! He IS a VERY SMART CHILD!
Love, Grandma

Mary Postert said...

Speaking of The Office, it starts this week, with hour-long episodes! Seriously, Tanner and I are so excited we can't hardly contain ourselves.

Linz said...

Where do I get all the signing stuff Jill?!? Im all about that!

Out There with the Gordon's said...

Isn't it great to have such a smart child. It reminds me of all those amazing moments with my first 2. It is sad that they have to grow up. I couldn't wait for them to get older when they we little, but.......Dallin mentioned his visit. He said Cohen was sooooo Cute. We are finishing up his mission papers. He is coming home this weekend to do all the interviews. AAHHHHHH!!!!

Sarah said...

season 3 of the office? man i am jealous. "What's up, Big Haircut? You are no longer Big Tuna. From henceforth you shall be known as Big Haircut."