Land of the Free, Because of the Brave

Oh, thus be it ever
when free men shall stand
Between their loved homes
and the war's desolation!

Blest with victory and peace,
may the heaven rescued land
Praise and power that hath made
and preserved us a nation!

Then conquer we must,
when our cause it is just,
And this be our moto:
"In God is our trust!"

And the star spangled banner
in triumph shall wave
Over the land of the free
and the home of the brave!

(lesser known 3rd verse of the Star-Spangled Banner)


melmck said...

that is a great verse! thanks for the reminder!

Leah said...

Thanks for sharing....it's funny that we saw each other today..Did Co love the parade? My girls did!

Andrea said...

I didn't know that verse. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

BTW, Do u still want to learn to digi-scrap? Or did u find someone else that is already helping u? First off, do u have photoshop or a program like it? I can give u some starter tips and info, if u want. just let me know. Getting started is the hard part, but once u learn the steps, it's not too bad, and all u need is a little creativity to get it going! And everyone has their own style, there's no right or wrong..it's art!

Mike and Debbie said...

Great reminder!! Hope Sean is safe and well. We had the best sacrament meeting on Sunday with 3 veterans speaking and it was also such a good reminder of those that have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. give our love to Sean!