Pieces of Me

Jaime and I talked about going to the Jewel concert together but my darling husband surprised me with tickets! I'm glad Jaime and I were with our husbands cuz that Jewel is sultry and romanatic... I was glad to be holding onto my man instead of Jaime! It was such a great date. Made me feel like we were courtin' again!

I haven't even listened to any of Jewel's new stuff but the concert was truly fabulous anyway. All of her stuff is so poetic and honest and true-to-life. We were in the new Mesa Arts Center, which is amazing! There are four levels but it's fairly intimate so you dont have to watch a giant tv to see the person on stage.

The concert was a great farewell for my husband's weekly departure. I swear he's out of town more than he's home, lately. We miss him. I wish we didn't fall to pieces without him, but we tend to. So tonight, he's coming home to pieces of me and a baby that forgot how to sleep through the night.

Que sera, sera!


Jaime S. said...

i agree on the man bit

emidinkl said...

The concert really was great. That Jewel is kind of a big deal!

Jamie & Johnny said...

Gosh I'm jealous. I wish I would've known she was here at the MAC. I love her. Glad you went and had fun with your man!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great date night! She has a beautiful voice! Sorry that your hubby is gone so much lately! I miss my man when he's gone too.