Thanksgiving Road Trip

Check out Bo and Luke Duke, the cousins who look nothing alike! We spent a few nights in Vegas with my brother's family before continuing the drive to SLC. Eli and Co are close enough in age now that they enjoy each other. I wish I had a picture of them walking around the backyard, diapers and T-shirts, licking the beaters from the sugar cookies Liz and I made. Darling!
I neglected to take any pictures of Thanksgiving day with Brad's family but here's the fun weekend that followed. We hit up Jungle Jim's Playland one afternoon. Cohen was totally emotionless on every ride except the roller-coaster. I thought he'd HATE it but he actually laughed and smiled for the first time all day! I think the place was a bit much for him, overall.
Co with Uncle Scott

Bumper cars with Dad

Merry-go-round with Papa
We left Cohen in SLC to fly home with Grandma. The thought of 12 more hours in the car with him was unbearable! The drive home was pretty nice. I actually got to talk to my husband and sit in my own seat and listen to my own music! No more driving to Utah with kids.


Auburn & Dave said...

I admire those who can repeatedly drive to Utah with children in the car. I'm not sure I'll ever be patient enough for that.


that bath picture is uber-cute. I hope those kids will be good friends.

Mike and Debbie said...

Brad looks like he is having way too much fun!!!

Andrea said...

long car drives w/ kids are not as fun as one would hope. ha ha. the "Duke" boys are cute!!