Cohen eyeing Santa at our ward party. He calls the guy

This priceless picture describes their relationship perfectly. Indi Jones is 3 months older than Cohen. They adore each other one minute and then hit and push the next. They were fighting over a marker so she drew on his face and head. Then they hugged and posed for this picture! I wish I had video of their goodbye kisses when she left today. Hilarious!


Stacie said...

i can't see the second picture, but the one of cohen with santa is adorable.

Jennie said...

That's super cute about his little friend and their love/hate relationship!

Kristal said...

They are both soo adorable. Julie tells me indi is quite the handful, but come on, look at that sweet little picture! They make a cute mini couple!

Raysha said...

Cute!!! I was just going to ask if this was Julie's little girl but then I read Kristal's comment! Thay are so adorable. I want to take Scotty to see Santa this Thursday but it's been butt freakin cold here and we'd have to wait in that cold. I don't know if I need a pic that bad!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that Cohen didn't cry at seeing Santa.
You can see the look on his face which is saying, this guy isn't part of my family, he has to much hair.
I love you all

Steven said...

"Santan"? That's hilarious!