A Grand OX in the Mire

My husband is pure.
To the core.
So much so that he sometimes tries to make up sins to commit. By this I mean that almost every Sunday, he'll think of something we need and he'll ask me, "Ox in the mire?", as if my permission makes it ok for him to then go to Filibertos, or wherever, on the Sabbath. Well this week, he got his big chance.. and man, was it a doozy!
Cohen now has double ear infections and a fever that just wont quit. A natural-path told us to mix equal parts vinegar and vodka and put a few drops in Co's ears to kill the infection. So not only did Brad get to buy something on Sunday, he got to buy VODKA on Sunday! As he was leaving, he asked me if he should just buy some cigarettes too. I gave him the ok. Then at Fry's, he just grabs a small bottle of vodka and goes through the self-checkout. As he's walking out of the store, someone tells him that he'd better get the big black cap removed cuz it's an anti-theft device and he wont be able to get it off at home.
He thought it was a little shot glass that came with the vodka.
Isn't he cute?


Andrea said...

That's hilarious!! Hope Cohen feels better!!

emidinkl said...

HA! Gotta love our innocent boys: )

Courtney said...

That is a good story...reminds me of when you sent him to the store for zucchini and he bough cucumbers! Love it, brad!

Meagan said...

Hehe a shot glass. That's too funny. Well did it work?

Lyndsay said...

That is awesome! I laughed out loud!

Mike and Debbie said...

What a memory you just renewed in me!!! I too came across that "homeopathic" remedy when my kids were little but the funny part was that Mike went all the way to Scottsdale to buy the vodka so he could be assured that he wouldn't run into anyone he knew!! Let's hear it for the Pure in heart!