Our little 1 month old

We survived the first month! We had our doubts if we’d make it but we did! The first month was hard because Jace didn’t sleep very well. He wanted to be held a lot and even then, didn’t sleep very soundly. Our pediatrician suggested that I put rice cereal in my breast milk to thicken it up. We started that about a week ago. I don’t know if it made the difference but the last several days he has been sleeping so much better. He eats 3-4 ounces every 3 hours during the day and takes good naps in between each feeding. He usually goes down for the night at 10ish and wakes up to eat at 2ish and again about 5:30.

He smiled at me several times while we were at my mom's house last weekend. She is my witness that he smiled at me at 4 weeks old! Daddy says he laughed at him today too. His awake time is happy and he just scans the room with his big, bright eyes.

We think he looks a lot like Cohen except that his face is more square and Cohen was so very round. Cohen loves to hold Jace for a few seconds but gets distracted easily. He’s quick to tell us if Jace is crying. At Sunday dinner at Stoddards, he heard Jace cry in the other room and said, “I get him!” and ran to toward the swing! We saved Jace, don’t worry.

I hope we are on an upswing and all of this goodness continues. Cohen is putting us through the ringer these days. Today when I walked into the playroom, Cohen's diaper was off and he had two fistfuls of poop. Last week, he chased Brad's truck down the driveway and out of our culdesac! Luckily, Brad saw him in the rear view mirror and brought him home. He's a wild one, for sure!

UPDATE: Our reprieve was short lived. Jace is back to his old tricks. Sigh.


Jamie & Johnny said...

Oh Jill, I feel your pain. Grady is a terrible sleeper. I'm praying when we hit the 1 month mark we are on a schedule like yours. Grady is up every 2 -3 hours, round the clock to feed. He's getting on a routine during the day and I hope that helps. I thought about the rice cereal but I thought he might be too young. Is your pediatrician still Deardorff? We need to get together and vent about all our drama soon. Hope you have a good day.

Lyndsay said...

Awww, he smiled at you! Finn smiled at 1 month. And I KNOW it wasn't just gas. So I believe you. :)

Courtney said...

So great! I am glad things are getting better...well with Jace anyway. I don't look forward to Landon causing a rucus...but I know it will happen.