At our house this week

Tongue-filled smiles

*The details* Cohen has been in underwear since Tuesday afternoon. We were out of diapers and I just decided not to buy any more. So he had one accident after another that first day. But he stayed dry that night, only had one accident Wednesday, and hasn't had any accidents since! Not even at night! I realize there will be accidents now and then but he was definitely ready to potty train and that made it easy cheesy. We're delighted!


Steven said...

Big boy undies huh? Rad. What a milestone. Eli still thinks the potty is a big joke.

That sticker face is cute.

Jamie said...

Did it happen? Is he potty trained?? Oh my gosh, it's my turn next and I'm so nervous.

christy said...

Looks like a great week in the Stoddard home!!

Wolfingtons said...

Ya Cohen! Come over and teach Ashleigh!

Linz said...

YAY! Your guys are too cute and oh my gosh they looks so much alike!