Bee Why You

Anyone know anyone with season tickets to BYU Football? My grandpa bought tickets and is flying up for the Homecoming game on October 11th... but he got end-zone seats and would LOVE to be more in the middle. I looked on stubhub.com but tickets are like $235 each!

This is my sweet Grandpa Udall that LOVES FOOTBALL but never travels and never splurges... He's been content to only eat out once a year (and even then he shared an entree with my Grandma!) After losing her in July, the only thing he has expressed interest in is going to a BYU football game. I just want it to be GREAT for him! So if you know anyone with tickets... hook me up!


Auburn said...

That's so cute. I wish I could help!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Grandpa is leans a little more toward Penn State than BYU. -- Keith

Jill said...

Keith- What? That's a BYU Cougar on that hat. No? I think so.