Funny Cohen

I put a fake black crow on our mailbox as part of our spooky Halloween decor. This morning while eating breakfast, I looked out the window and saw a hawk perched on the mailbox, eyeing the crow. We ran to the window and watched excitedly as the hawk took several passes at the crow. Brad and I thought it was pretty cool to see a hawk that close. Cohen got excited, because we were excited, and he wanted to go outside to see the "cock". We laughed and told him it was a "hawk". So then he wanted to go outside to see the "honk"! He never has gotten it right! It flew away and he has continued to talk about the "honk" all morning.

He likes to ask us "what they talkin' 'bout, Mom?" about anyone talking on tv. If he's trying to tell me something and cant remember the words he'll say, "What's that called Mom?" (like "what's the word I'm trying to think of?") And he'll say "I cant bemember".

Our morning ritual includes Daddy kissing us all goodbye and Cohen saying,
"Where you going Daddy?"
Brad says "to work".
Cohen asks "can I?"
Every day Brad answers the same way. "Not today buddy."

Cohen and I also have some not-so-pleasant conversations. This week he has told me,
"One more chance, Mommy!"
and "Leave me 'lone!"
and "freakin' me out!"
Where d'ya suppose he heard those?


Jamie said...

Isn't this age great. Not the back talk but the other sayings. They're cute.

Heidi said...

I can totally see you telling this story- you write just like you speak.
Oh and wait until Cohen says "CWAP" that is always the sweetest thing to hear a 2 year old say.

Troy and Jessica said...

Isn't it fun having a 2 yr old when they aren't acting like 2 yr olds? :) One time I heard Lydia say to herself, "Are you freaking kidding me?" Nice.

christy said...

Ohhhh...how we love Cohen!! He is truly one of our favorites!!