You know its Monday when

  • You get dressed for the gym and then realize that your IPod is dead.
  • You decide to run errands instead, two kids in tow. You go to Kohl's to look for pajamas. Not only are the sale items totally overpriced but your 2 year old pees and poops his pants because he's too busy looking at toys to go to the bathroom.
  • On the way out of the store, he hits you and runs into oncoming traffic.
  • Then you get flashed at the intersection for running a red light. (I swear it had just turned yellow when I entered the intersection!)
  • You missed your baby's nap window so now you get to listen to him cry in his crib.

I miss you already Weekend.


Tammie said...

Sounds like you had a great day so far. I love those kinds of days when nothing goes the way you plan and your kids do everything you don't want them to do.

Jamie said...

All this before 10:30am? Sorry about the ipod thing. That is the worst. Hope your day gets better. :)

KatieJ said...

Oh no! I hope your Tuesday goes better!

steven said...

Sounds like you had a case of the mooooondays. But seriously, that is not cool. Particularly the part where Cohen pooped in his pants, and the red light ticket. Everything comes out in the wash though.