Election 2008

This election is making me nervous. I worry that we are going to be a divided nation, regardless of who wins today. I'm reading things like:
  • "If 'Osama' gets in with a majority seat of Dems in the senate... we will find our selves in another civil war."
  • "When I picture what Satan looks like, all I can imagine is Obama's face in my head. He is the devil in sheep's clothing. What a sadistic man!"
  • And what about the text I got (from an unknown number) that told me that the Book of Revelations warns us of an anti-Christ in his 40's who will reign for 48 months... blah blah blah.

Since I couldn't say it any better, I'm going to quote my sister-in-law's brother (Sterling Kellis):

Politics, of course, can be divisive in nature as they are wrought with passion
and fueled by different experiences and education, but I think different political beliefs share a common aim toward a hope for the best possible future and for that reason sharing opinions can also create unity.

I believe socialism and its aim toward a more equal distribution of wealth is well-intended and charitable at heart--as are many who embrace it--but flawed in its roots (its roots being "We, the people"). Ideally, if God governed the earth I believe He would lean towards Zionist/Egalitarian principles of order which closely resemble socialism and even communism (the United Order and The Law of Consecration being examples), but since He does not and men are carnal and sensual and devilish by nature capitalism rears its invisible hand as the next best thing.

James Madison wrote, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary." And since neither is true, we make due with what we have and make allowances for our imperfections. Capitalism is just that, an imperfect solution for an imperfect society.

Some day, when more faith can be placed in the government and the governed, socialist practices may help us better become a people of “one heart and one mind with no poor among us (Moses 7:18)”, but an attempt to redistribute wealth-—no matter how altruistic its intent--when riddled with corruption (could) be devastating. Perhaps those who lean towards socialistic principles are simply more optimistic and hopeful of government and human nature than I am. And now, while we are on the verge of becoming an Obama-Nation, hopefully they’re right.

Whatever happens tonight, let's give each other more credit and try to focus on the similiarity of our intentions rather than the different paths we take to get there.


vegas WOLFINGTON said...

"Osama"... lol. Sheesh Russell! Things get heated around election. It's just the way things go. I don't think things will be as polar as most people think when Pres. Obama (ew, that sounds bad) gets into office. I may be wrong though w/ dems controlling the house and now possibly the senate.

Kristal said...

I'm with you. Very nervous about the direction our country is headed...both economically and morally, but what can you do? I love living right across from the polls in JC...I saw the 4 or 5 dems in town go in and though, I wonder if they'll make the right decision. ha! It's like president packer said in stake conference this last sunday, focus on strenghtening families and we'll all still be able to have happy families...which is all that matters, well, that and blogging.

Catherine said...

The anti-Christ mentioned in Relevations has already served his term so those worries can be put to rest!!! This nation is choice land and the Lord will take of all of us by providing us with the leadership we need to overcome the tragic circumstances that our nation faces.

Jill said...

I'm so not into the extreme crazy talk. Bush wasn't the anti-Christ nor is Obama. FYI.

Raysha said...

Thanks for the comment on the end about focusing on similarities. I dislike how politics create a division and even in some cases hatred. I am sick of hearing from people that they "hate democrats" or "hate republicans." Thanks for a more positive view rather than the bashing I've seen on a lot of blogs.

Codie said...

I concur Jill. That is the blessing of our country. I am thankful that we can express opposition but now we can sit back and support our new President and take an active part in helping each other recover for the shape our country is in. We cannot blame just one person for the state we are in. It was a lot of decisions by a lot of people including mistakes on each of our own parts. God Bless America.

Lyndsay said...

It's refreshing to see someone actually getting the sentiment of Socialism correct. I have known quite a few people who have lived within that system. And they had many positive things to say about it. While it is not always ideal, or carried out correctly in PRACTICE, in THEORY it is nothing to be feared, and even desired under a perfect circumstance. I thought your post was well-written, well-informed, and (sigh of relief) free of hatred. Thanks for that!

Mike and Debbie said...

Well said!!