PLEASE let me know if you see good deals on any of these:
(Preferably used cuz when I say "good deal", I really mean it!)

guitar for Cohen


M. G. said...

Jill, we have a bass ukelele that lost its strings. Dallin played it in elementary school. It is just his size, about 1/3 the size of adult guitar, but nearly twice as big as a ukelele. You would have to get it strung, ($?) but it is yours if you want it.

Jamie said...

I saw a guitar at Walmart for I think 10 bucks, maybe it was 20 but I think 10. It was cute. It's that Kids Connection Brand. Up on the very highest rack in the toy department.
Oh and I have that little winding ball air popper upper thing but we've lost all the balls to it. To be honest with you, not that greatest toy in the world. :)

Carrie Carp said...

Craigslist is a good reference for bike trailers... I've found they go pretty quickly, though, but they're way cheaper than buying new. I've been toying with the idea of getting one, too, but haven't had the energy to go out and look at them!

Jill said...

Hey we have the ball popper and it is a favorite. You have to get it. We got it at Costco a couple years ago. And I have that same bike trailer. It was on sale at Shopko for $79.00 like 2 months ago