Say it Aint So

I stole these pics from Summer's blog (which I'm not linking to since it's private). She and Justin hosted the best party of '08. (As a side note, Brad and I used to say we were the hottest couple of '05, cuz that's the year we got married!)

Dave, Jay and Brad. Two of these guys were fairly novice but one might spend just a wee bit too much time jamming out at home....

"Mormon Girls Gone Wild" Summer, Kim and Janae

Me, Laura and Amber tearin' it up.

I wish this one had video. Brad doing Beastie Boys... No, Brad DOMINATING Beastie Boys.

Good times, S and J! Thanks!


Meagan said...

We played Rock Band for the first timet the other day at one of Roy's vball friends' house. It's SO fun huh? We asked Santa for it this year. And also an XBOX 360 on which to play it. I'm not really sure who Santa is this year, but I hope he got my letter... :)

Wolfingtons said...

Isn't Rock Band the greates game ever played? I have spent a few nights at the Gilberts playing until 2 or 3 in the morning. What fun!

The Mullenaux Family said...

That's what I'm talking about!