The much anticipated update!

We cant find our camera. We even went so far as to clean our house... still no camera. Luckily, I hang out with people who have cameras and if I wait long enough I can steal pictures off their blogs!

Christmas was fun! Our Udall family party was hilarious. There was a Santa Relay Race to see who could make the best beard... by smearing your face with Vaseline and then putting your head into a huge bowl of cotton balls! Awesome.

(Brad is in the shower cap, my brother Steven, cousin Aaron, nephew Logan and brother Jeff)

(my cousin Craig Udall)

(Eli and Cohen) Cohen is such a gamer! He always wants in on the fun!
We also had a donut eating contest. You and your partner had to try to beat other teams in getting your donut off the string the quickest.

(Cohen and Eli against Olivia and Audree)

I dont have any actual picturs of Christmas but we did video some. I'll post that sometime for the Grandparents.

This last picture is on my Great Grandmother's 100th birthday. She is sitting with her oldest great, great grandchild (my nephew) Dylan and my mom. My brother Trevor died in October 1991 and his son Dylan was born in April 1992. We like to think they spent time together in heaven before Dylan came to earth. The leather jacket he's wearing in this picture was Trevor's. My mom gave it to Dylan for Christmas this year.


Emily Gordon said...

Sad that you can't find your camera! I owe you a babysitting gig. Or whatever else you can get from a college student. Thanks again Brad!

Mary Postert said...

Now THAT is a cool gift!

Amanda said...

it was fun to hang out with dylan on the trip there.