It's hiking season!!! A friend and I did Camelback Mountain this morning. It was pretty awesome. There are several hikes there... some short ones and then two longer ones. We did Echo Canyon today, which is also called the Summit. It's only 1.2 miles each way but it's 1200+ feet up. It took us abut 50 minutes up and another 35 down. (That is not a pic of my sweaty back but thats the view I saw!) If you live in the valley, you should do this hike! GRAND panoramic views at the top, a great burn for your buns and quads, and beautiful weather that wont last long! Before we know it, we'll be confined to our air conditioned houses for months on end. Get outside while you still can!

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Meagan said...

We've been doing Usary the past few weeks. That one is really fun! But, we did see a snake on the trail last week... We may not have much time left before it's too hot!