Dream Weaver

Is anyone still reading this boring blog?!  I haven't had anything to post about for a while.  Blame it on the heat or the lack of calories starving my brain...

ANYWAY- I just found this post on my friend Summer's blog.  She wrote it on my birthday but I just saw it today.  She was the little engine on my party train.  Since Brad had just had his surgery, Summer helped arrange a babysitter and a kidnapper to take me to dinner with a group of friends.  They made me stand in the middle of the restaraunt in a boa and hat, still blindfolded, while they sang to me!  It was funny.  I was very pleasantly surprised and grateful.  

It's nice to have girlfriends.  I've been in this ward 2 1/2 years now and only recently feel like I've really found my place.  It's so great to have nearby friends to call for help, ingredients, boredom-busters, etc.  Lots of moms dont have a place to drop their kids off while they run errands or have alone time so I feel very lucky to have that.  I love having friends I can relate to on so many different levels; ie. motherhood, wifery, humor, gospel, etc.

Which brings me to the title of this blog and my dream last night.  I often have these very involved, epic type dreams that I remember fully when I wake up.  Part of last night's dream was something about me and a group of close girlfriends getting ready together in a bathroom... something about the toilet overflowing and getting us wet... all of us laughing until we cried...  I dont actually know any of the girls in the dream but I remember feeling a very fond, comfortable deep bond with them.  Maybe like they were my sisters.  

Anywho- It's nice that we get to add "sisters" to our family throughout our lives.  Makes the journey more enjoyable.  Thanks to my ward and neighborhood friends as well as all the other girlfriends that come and go from my life.  I really like you all.  :)


Kimberly said...

aww...I fully agree!

Anonymous said...

We all love your stories. We love you and how much you think of each day. I still think you could write a great book and should have your own column in the new paper.
Please don't stop writing and keep the blogs going.