I got my brows done today and they look GOOD.

Great News! In addition to offering low prices (including never any tipping), Lindsay is now offering you Moms a chance to come and be pampered while your children are tended by an experienced nanny in another room.

It's difficult to go do anything like this with kids so this is something to just help us all out! No need to find a sitter! Just bring the kids! Please forward this to any who may be interested. Your face will thank you.

Lindsay Rector

Waxing Days:
Monday 11 - 3
Thursday 4 - 6


Kimberly said...

I did it today too, and it was SO relaxing.

Jaime S. said...

got your message and tried to call back on the unknown number

Natalie said...

I always thought that would be a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for following Sensibly Styled!