I may have lost my mind.

I want to start a play school group like old style Joy School.

Before you stop reading, there is minimal commitment involved.
Read on.

I need 3 other 3 1/2- 4 year olds (that live relatively close and have Moms that are willing to play along) to join. The way it would work is that the kids would meet 2 days a week for 2 hours. Two weeks at my house and I'm in charge of the "lesson" and activities.
Then two weeks at someone else's house where that mom is in charge.
Since each family takes a turn hosting, there's no fee for the group.
There are great theme ideas all over the web. A good site is http://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/

So it wouldn't really be a pre-school
but it's more than just a play date.
The kids would actually learn about something and make crafts and stuff.

Anyone interested?
Know anyone who might fit the bill?
Email me or leave a comment.
I'd like to start in August or September.

Heaven help me!


stephanie said...

you haven't lost your mind. i did that with mabel when she was 3. there were 6 kids total, i think. it was fun. good luck!

Leah said...

I totaly want too....but the kids coming to my house would totally get jipped b/c of the babies....good for you! How fun!

Mimi said...

What days would you want to do it?

Emily Ruth said...

My sis did this with all three of her girls and LOVED it! Have fun: )

Jill said...

Tue and Thur


Mon and Thurs


Wolfingtons said...

Good Luck. Let me know if you need more websites I have tons bookmarked

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

I'm so sad we can't be there to do it together with you and Cohen. Some friends and I are coincidently setting up the same thing. We'll share ideas. love Liz